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Through our work aimed at stopping deforestation for chocolate worldwide, people just like you are getting involved to stop forest destruction. Together with other NGOs, we have succeeded in collecting nearly 1 million signatures on a variety of petitions targeted at the chocolate industry on the issues of deforestation.

These petitions have helped us – are are continuing to help us – change the industry and governments. So please sign on!

Meanwhile, over 1 million people signed over 100 petitions on ending human rights violations in chocolate – especially eradicating child labor, which is a serious problem. 2.1 million kids work in chocolate still today.  We ask you to sign any one of these petitions that moves you.

We’re asking YOU to help contribute to the cause by signing one of the petitions… or more, if you want 🙂

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Environmental Petitions: 

Platform Targets Number of Signers
Action Network Nestlé
SumofUs Nestlé, Pladis, Sucden 117,049
Rettet den Regenwald Government of the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire; chocolate manufacturers 121,803
Rettet den Regenwald Mars, Mondelez and other confectionery manufacturers 192,627
SumOfUs Cadbury, Ferrero 326,077
SumOfUs Lindt 70,204
Rainforest Rescue German Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture, Julia Klöckner 163,159
Change Cadbury, Ferrero 1246
Care2 Cadbury, Ferrero 1,398
Greenpeace NZ Cadbury, Ferrero 5o
Total 997,121

Human Rights Petitions:

Platform Targets Number of Signers
SumOfUs Ferrero 321,212
Avaaz Chocolate industry 208,522
On and offline, different platforms General, CAOBISCO 122,826 Ferrero, Lindt 113,784 Warner Bros 105,010
Care2 Clif Bar 82,751
SumOfUs Whole Foods 63,030 Hershey’s 53,868
Care2 Mars Inc. President Paul S. Michaels and CEO of Ferrero chocolates, Giovanni Ferrero 33,663 Hershey’s 25,202
Green America Godiva 21,773
Care2 General 8,045 Hershey’s 6,389 Ghirardelli 3,766 Girl Scouts 2,860 Ben & Jerry’s 2,106
Care2 Nestle USA 1,412
Care2 Hershey’s 795
Care2 Mondelez Canada 783 Australian Senate 657
Greenpeace Nestle 457
Care2 U.S. House of Representatives 418
ipetitions Hershey’s 380
Care2 Nestle Executive Board 367 Hershey’s 434
MoveOn Hershey’s 362 Girl Scouts 330 Hershey’s 323
Care2 Hershey’s 288 Hershey’s, Nestle, Kraft, US Congresspeople 226 Cadbury 205 Hershey’s 191 President Obama 166 Nestle 122
Care2 Hershey’s 120
Care2 Chocolate industry 117
MoveOn Warner Bros 117 ask US ambassador Terence McCulley to address President Outtara 111 Cadbury 105 General 81
Care2 General 66 Jacob Zuma, Justin Trudeau 65
MoveOn Nestle’s Corporation and Paul Buicke, CEO 58 Hershey’s, Nestle, Mars 56 Chocolate Industry 55 Fair Trade USA 52 David Davis MP, Keir Starmer MP 48 General 46
UK platform UK Parliament 43 Hershey’s, Nestle 43 Hershey’s, Nestle 38
Avaaz Nestle 38
Avaaz Woolworths 35 Cadbury 34 Foodland, Woolworth, Nestle, Hershey 33
Care2 General 32
TOTAL 1,184,116