New Report Identifies Secret Market for Deforestation-Linked Palm Oil

A new report released today by Mighty and Gabon-based NGO Brainforest reveals that Olam, one of the world’s leading agribusiness traders, is operating a secretive palm oil trading operation.

Victory: Biomass Loophole Removed from Legislation

BREAKING: the proposed amendment to federal legislation that would incentivize burning of biomass by declaring it “carbon-neutral” seems to be officially dead.

PGE Tests Biomass at Boardman Coal Plant

Today, the Sierra Club released a report analyzing a proposal from Portland General Electric (PGE) to convert the state’s last coal plant in Boardman, Oregon into one of the world’s largest biomass facilities. The report finds that the proposal may pose major implications for air quality, forest health, and carbon reduction goals.

Amnesty International Reveals Widespread Human Rights Abuses in Palm Oil Industry

Last week, Amnesty International released a report documenting abuses of palm oil plantation workers in Indonesia. Amnesty shed light on abuses that are still widespread throughout the palm oil industry despite a raft of commitments, certifications, and laws that prohibit these practices.

Korindo Subsidiary’s New ‘Sustainability’ Commitments Fail to Deliver Meaningful Change

For the sake of the 44,600 hectares of forest remaining in the concessions covered by the moratorium, we at Mighty hope that Korindo follows through on this commitment. But even if it does cease deforestation in these areas, Korindo needs to take many other actions before being considered responsible.

Tell CVS: Stop Superbug Pollution

Sign the petition to demand CVS rid their supply chain of antibiotic pollution.

This Small Change Is Big News for the World’s Forests

It’s time to breathe a big sigh of relief that the light at the end of the tunnel is near. The two groups today announced an agreement that will bring all the standards together, following a year-long convergence process.

Letter to Wind Companies: Drop Korindo

Notorious driver of deforestation Korindo isn't just a palm oil company. Ironically, the Korean-Indonesian conglomerate is also a wind tower manufacturer.

Biomass Campaign Heats Up

As a massive Oregon power plant gears up to convert from burning coal to burning trees, a Congressional fight over whether or not forest biomass is carbon neutral is more than just theoretical.