Korindo Announces Moratorium on Forest Clearing for Palm Oil Concessions But Critical Questions Remain

Korindo has recently taken the positive step of announcing land clearing moratoria for all of its palm oil operations, following discussions with its global customers. However, critical questions remain about how Korindo plans to enforce and independently verify adherence to its moratorium.

Organizers Rally to Ask Burger King to Stop Destroying Forests for Fast Food

On Tuesday, organizers in seven cities gathered at their local Burger King to protest the burger giant's deforestation for soy. Below is the press release for the rally in Miami, Florida.

KFEM and Wahli Stand in Solidarity Against Deforestation

Activists from the Korean Federation for Environmental Movements (KFEM) and Wahli (Friends of the Earth Indonesia) held a solidarity action late last month in Bandar Lampung, Indonesia against deforestation by agribusiness giant Korindo.

Olam’s Newfound Transparency Constructive But It’s Not Ready to Put Down the Chainsaws

Today, Olam has cracked open its black box to the light of day. However, important questions remain about their sourcing.