Buyers Beware: POSCO Daewoo’s Deforestation Palm Oil is Ready for International Markets  —  But Global Buyers are Rejecting it

POSCO Daewoo, Korea’s largest trading company, operates a 34,195 hectare palm oil plantation located in the Ulilin district in Merauke, Papua, Indonesia called PT Bio Inti Agrindo (PT BIA). PT BIA just released its first “Environmental and Social Report” for 2016.

Finally, Real Action from Big Banks on Deforestation

This month BNP Paribas, the world’s seventh-largest financial institution, announced a new palm oil policy that sets responsible palm oil production as a pre-condition for financing. The policy requires that companies receiving financing protect forests and indigenous people.

Forest Stewardship Council Accepts Mighty Earth’s Formal Complaint Against Korindo

Mighty Earth has submitted a complaint today to the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), a global sustainable forestry certification body, regarding agribusiness Korindo’s deforestation activities.

Cargill and Bunge face escalating pressure to clean up supply chain

In the wake of Mighty Earth’s Ultimate Mystery Meat report, soy traders Bunge and Cargill are facing escalating pressure for supply chain reform from their customers, investors, and the public around the globe.

Indonesia’s second largest palm oil producer fails to deliver on its sustainability policy

Astra Agro Lestari, Indonesia’s second largest palm oil company, has failed to address several key gaps in implementing its sustainability policy that were identified in an assessment by several Indonesian and international NGOs last September.

Mighty’s Agreement with World’s Largest Farmer Could Have Major Implications for the World’s Forests

Under the agreement, Olam agreed to suspend deforestation for palm oil and rubber, and also apply the industry-standard High Carbon Stock approach to its third-party suppliers (the agreement doesn’t apply to commodities other than palm oil and rubber, such as cocoa and coffee, areas we are continuing to investigate).

Olam and Mighty Earth agree to collaborate on Forest Conservation and Sustainable Agriculture in Highly Forested Countries

Mighty Earth and Olam agreed to move forward on two imperatives after their meeting in Washington, D.C.

Korindo Goes Back on No-Deforestation Pledge

Campaign Director Deborah Lapidus was on Australian network ABC today speaking about Korindo's devastating impact on West Papua.

Satellite Data Shows Korindo Violates Deforestation Moratorium

Weeks after its moratorium, Korindo’s PT Papua Agro Lestari concession in the Indonesian island of Papua carved out plantation “blocks” on approximately 1,400 hectares of forest, an activity also known as “stacking”, which is the final step of land development prior to forest clearing.

Samling’s Forest Crime Spree Moves to Myanmar

A new report details Samling's crime-ridden palm oil operations in Malaysia, just another in a long line of abuses by the company.

Newly Released Guidance Aims to Improve Transparency in the Palm Oil Industry

With rainforest destruction and forced labor urgent concerns in palm oil cultivation, a diverse group of NGOs and investor organizations releases today shared guidance for corporate reporting on company commitments towards responsible palm oil sourcing and production.