El Pacto del Bosque – The Call of the Forest

This letter from Bolivian legislators,  state and local officials, and indigenous community leaders in Bolivia, calls on companies that sell or invest in meat, soy and other commodities to take immediate action to ensure that their supply chain and investments are free of any connection to the destruction of Bolivia’s highly biodiverse forests.

Resistance Grows to US$ 1.6b Dam That Threatens New Orangutan Species and Communities

Fact-finding mission discovers growing local opposition to dam construction

Industry Groups Still Misleading Public on Biofuels

The full carbon footprint of biodiesel is as bad or worse than that of dirty fossil fuels.

Despite Shareholder Concerns, Pilgrim’s Pride Turns a Blind Eye to Water Pollution … Again

Facing a third consecutive shareholder proposal aimed at mitigating water pollution, the largest poultry producer in America declines to improve on sustainability.

Here’s what deforestation looks like in 2019 – and what we can do about it

WRI’s data has helped drive home the immense scale of deforestation. But despite the size of the problem, there are clear successes in the works and much more to accomplish. The data published in this year’s report will help inform our future efforts and provides valuable insight as the fig

World’s Largest Cement Company Embraces Clean Energy

Announcement indicates growing momentum in the fight to decarbonize heavy industry. For the second time in this month, a top-heavy industrial company announced a major clean energy contract for one of their facilities. 

Mighty Earth’s Guide to Sustainable Fisheries in 2019

Last year, Mighty Earth, our allies, and environmental activists across the country successfully stopped a legislative effort to eviscerate the laws that have kept our oceans healthy. And it was a close call. Fortunately, we were able to protect the law that has successfully restored 45 fish stocks to healthy levels: the Magnuson-Stevens Act!

Earth Day – Reflecting on environmental reforms in the cocoa industry in the past year

Earth Day is a time for us to reflect on the past year and look to the future. Today, Senior Advisor Etelle Higonnet shares news and updates from Mighty Earth’s campaign to make the chocolate industry sustainable.