Stop Destroying the Planet & Shop Responsibly

Customers and other community members across Massachusetts have joined Mighty Earth’s call for Stop & Shop to environmental standards for their meat and to cut ties with Cargill.

Grocery Stores Threatening Brazil Boycott Must Go Further to Truly Protect Forests

Their customers - and the world - expect these brands not just to call for action, but to act.

Indigenous Papuan Man Killed by Brutal Beating at Korindo Palm Oil Plantation

Our hearts go out to the family and friends of Marius Betera, who are now suffering as result of this appalling act of violence.

Unilever, Mars, Hershey, and World’s Largest Palm Oil Traders Suspend Rogue Supplier Over Its Relentless Deforestation

Samling scrambles to adopt sham policy to keep customers while destroying rainforests

European Tire & Rubber Manufacturers Plan to Put More Vehicles on the Roads in Response to Covid-19

Proposal for an EU-funded vehicle renewal scheme would likely increase car ownership and could pose serious public health risks

New Report: Pork giant Danish Crown linked to tropical deforestation

“How the Sausage Gets Made,” documents the links between Danish Crown’s soy supply and regions in South America where soy-driven deforestation is occurring.

‘World’s largest farmer’ faces investigation into deforestation

Olam cleared rainforests over half the size of Singapore.

Big Meat Companies Are Making the Pandemic Worse

In the midst of a global crisis, the meat industry continues to pack people and animals into factories, fueling the spread of the current pandemic and making the next one more likely.

G20 Must Protect People and Planet During Coronavirus Pandemic

Mighty Earth signs on to a landmark Open Letter calling on G20 leaders to ensure the current coronavirus global crisis spurs countries to champion recovery solutions that spur economic activity and accelerates the transition to low-carbon economies.

Video: Protecting Forests to Prevent Pandemics

Watch a webinar on the link between deforestation and pandemics, the value of nature-based solutions in preventing future pandemics, and the role of private sector and regulatory agencies in driving ambitious action to protect forests in 2020.