Soy and Cattle: Report 9

January 2020

Stretching the possibilities for a sustainable rubber industry in 2020

We believe all these things and more are achievable in 2020, and will continue to try to stretch the possibilities for transforming the natural rubber industry this year.

Tyson: Keep Your Promise

Tyson Foods has a long track record as one of the most polluting companies in America. Overcoming this reputation will require transparency and clear evidence of verifiable changes that are reported to the public.

Mighty Earth “Cocoa Accountability Map” Brings Unprecedented Transparency to Cocoa Industry in Côte d’Ivoire

Interactive map includes never-before-released information, including locations of Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade certified co-ops and sourcing information for major chocolate companies

Interactive Map Sets New Standard for Cocoa Transparency and Accountability

The Cocoa Accountability Map seeks to spark a revolution in traceability and transparency in the Ivorian cocoa industry, in the hopes that this trend of openness will spread throughout the country – the world’s top cocoa producer – and then to Ghana and beyond.

La « Carte responsabilité pour le cacao » de Mighty Earth instaure une transparence sans précédent dans le secteur du cacao en Côte d’Ivoire

Cette carte interactive comporte des informations inédites, comme les emplacements des coopératives certifiées Rainforest Alliance et Fairtrade et des informations sur les sources d’approvisionnement des principales entreprises de chocolat

Palm Oil: Report 23

January 2020

Soy and Cattle: Report 8

December 2019

Mighty Earth’s Etelle Higonnet Named to France’s National Order of Merit

French President Emmanuel Macron has named Mighty Earth's Etelle Higonnet a Chevalier of France’s Ordre national du Mérite

Tax Giveaways to Dirty Biodiesel Will Accelerate Climate Change

A $15 billion mistake that will worsen the twin crises of climate change and mass extinction

New Investigation: Sumitomo Corporation’s Dirty Energy Investments Highlight Japan’s Failure to Act on Climate

As the international community gathers in Madrid to discuss next steps in the fight against global climate change, a new report is exposing how Japan’s policies are empowering a major corporation that embraces and invests in dirty energy sources like coal and biomass.