While other countries are making plans to reduce emissions, Japan’s biggest companies continue to invest in the dirtiest forms of fuel. Mighty Earth is campaigning in Japan to hold major companies, like Sumitomo Corporation, accountable and working to change corporate policies that destroy forests and mine, chop, finance, ship, and burn the most destructive fuels on earth. Join us, sign the petition.


Global Protests Call on Mitsubishi Corporation to Stop Investing in Coal Power

Climate activists around the world rally in front of Mitsubishi to stop the Vung Ang 2 coal power plant

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New Investigation: Sumitomo Corporation’s Dirty Energy Investments Highlight Japan’s Failure to Act on Climate

As the international community gathers in Madrid to discuss next steps in the fight against global climate change, a new report is exposing how Japan’s policies are empowering a major corporation that embraces and invests in dirty energy sources like coal and biomass.

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Petition: Tell Sumitomo Corporation to Be a Climate Leader

Sign the petition today and tell Sumitomo to end forest destruction and make the transition to clean renewable energy sources.

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