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Wie der Urwald für deutsches Fleisch gerodet wird

der Spiegel | Mar. 26 2018 

In Südamerika werden Tausende Hektar Urwald gerodet, ein einzigartiges Ökosystem ist bedroht. Unternehmen schaffen dort riesige Flächen für den Anbau von Sojabohnen - vor allem für deutsche Fleischproduzenten.

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Soja: quand la déforestation s’invite dans nos assiettes

RFI | Mar. 26, 2018 

Acheter un poulet élevé en France contribue à la déforestation en Amérique du Sud. C’est le constat de l'ONG Mighty Earth.

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La déforestation de l’Amérique du Sud nourrit les élevages européens

Le Monde | Mar. 26, 2018

La monoculture du soja ravage des contrées entières au Brésil, en Argentine et au Paraguay, détruisant dans son expansion la vie des populations et des écosystèmes.

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Südamerikanischer Urwald für deutsches Fleisch

Frankfurter Rundschau | Mar. 26 2018 

In ganz Südamerika werden Wälder gerodet, um Platz zu schaffen für den Anbau von Sojabohnen, die wiederum als Nahrung in der Massentierhaltung verwendet werden.

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Carne alemã contribui para desmatamento na América do Sul

Deutsche Welle | Mar. 26 2018 

Milhares de hectares de floresta sul-americana são desflorestados para cultivo de soja, que alimenta gado no país europeu, aponta relatório. Organização ambiental alerta para expansão da produção no Cerrado brasileiro.

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Le immagini mai viste della distruzione del Chaco: distese di soia al posto delle foreste

CorriereTV | Mar. 26 2018 

Terreni bruciati, alberi abbattuti. Poi, distese di soia, dove prima sorgeva la foresta. Ecco le immagini della deforestazione in Argentina e Paraguay. Per far crescere l’industria dei mangimi. Tra glifosato e bambini con tumori.

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Relatório de ONG denuncia impacto negativo da soja produzida na América do Sul

RFI | Mar. 26 2018 

O impacto da exportação e do uso da soja na alimentação de animais destinados ao consumo humano é o foco do relatório “Quando o desmatamento chega à nossa mesa”, publicado neste mês pela ONG Mighty Earth.

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A Mighty Grant: With Modest Support, This Environmental Group Achieved Big Changes

Inside Philanthropy | Mar. 24, 2018 

Mighty Earth targets groups or industries wreaking havoc on the forests, oceans or air, and pushes them to change. After the release of Mighty Earth’s Arcus-funded report, “Chocolate’s Dark Secrets,” in September, 2017, the major chocolate companies responded with promises to make change.

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Protesters call for ag interests to do more against pollution

WHO NewsRadio 1040 | Mar. 20, 2018

A coalition of groups gathered next to the Des Moines River and the World Food Prize headquarters to honor "World Water Day" Thursday, by calling for corporate ag interests to do more to clean up the environment.

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Biofuel Mandates Are a Bad Idea Whose Time May Be Up

The Wall Street Journal | Mar. 11, 2018 

The political tide may be turning against the corn ethanol mandate. The Renewable Fuel Standard, which forces oil refiners to mix corn-based fuel into gasoline, is one of history’s great policy boondoggles.

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Dems push revised bill to phase out ethanol mandate

E&E Daily | Mar. 9, 2018 

Congressional critics of the federal renewable fuel standard yesterday proposed revised legislation to phase out corn ethanol mandates, adding a new provision encouraging farmers to convert cornfields back to pasture.

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Democrats call ethanol mandate an environmental ‘flop’

Washington Examiner | Mar. 8, 2018 

“We made a mistake,” said Henry Waxman of California, the former Democratic chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, who drove the passage of the Renewable Fuel Standard, or RFS, in a comprehensive energy bill passed in 2007.

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Valentine’s Day guilty pleasures

The New York Times | Feb. 14, 2018 

The chocolate industry has been a primary driver behind illegal deforestation in Africa’s cacao-growing regions, the environmental advocacy group Mighty Earth said in a report last year.

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Valentine’s secret taboo

Euractiv | Feb. 14, 2018 

The chocolate industry is fuelling misery in West Africa. The European Union – where more chocolate is consumed than anywhere else – must help end it, writes Julia Christian.

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Asia and Latin America cocoa origins also face ‘large-scale’ deforestation: Mighty Earth

Confectionery News | Feb. 14, 2018 

NGO Mighty Earth is calling on chocolate makers to expand deforestation-free commitments after finding widespread forest destruction driven by cocoa in Indonesia, Peru, Ecuador and Cameroon.

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Why Your Valentine’s Day Chocolate Has A Dark Side

Teen Vogue | Feb. 14, 2018 

Cocoa farming reportedly relies on more than 5 million child laborers. In this op-ed, Georgie Badiel, model, activist, author, and former Miss Africa, explains the risk of an unsustainable cocoa industry.

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Bridgestone aims for full sustainability by 2050

Mongabay | Feb. 13, 2018 

Rival tire producers Pirelli and Michelin have also made sustainability commitments recently. Mighty Earth praised Bridgestone’s move but also called on Goodyear and Continental, two other companies that round out the five biggest tire makers in the world, to make their own commitments.

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Valentine’s Day chocolates may not be the greenest way to show your love

The Guardian | Feb. 13, 2018 

A box of chocolates may not be the most environmentally friendly way to show your love this Valentine’s Day, a report published today claims.The cocoa in chocolate products is probably driving deforestation across the globe, according to new research by the environmental campaigning organisation Mighty Earth.

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Mighty Earth ‘Clean It Up, Tyson’ Campaign holds Press Conference in Onancock

Cape Charles Mirror | Feb. 11, 2018 

On Tuesday, the Mighty Earth ‘Clean It Up, Tyson’ Campaign held a Poster-Making Event and Press Conference in Onancock, Virginia. Twenty people came out today to listen to featured speakers and discuss why Tyson Foods should commit to the #CleanItUpTyson goal.

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Bridgestone hits the brakes on deforestation

Eco-Business | Feb. 9, 2018 

US-based environmental group Mighty Earth welcomed this move as progress in the global tire industry, which is a driver of deforestation and uses 70 per cent of the world’s natural rubber each year.

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