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Pension fund ABP stops with controversial palm oil investment

One World | Jun. 27, 2018 

Dutch largest pension fund ABP announces that it will no longer invest in Posco Daewoo. This company is responsible for human rights violations and the clearing of rainforest during the construction of a palm oil plantation in Indonesian Papua.

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Neighbors from hell: Cocoa farmers and elephants clash at boundaries of Ghana national park

Food Navigator | Jun. 4, 2018 

The chocolate industry should support community-led buffer zones between tropical rainforest and cocoa farms to improve uneasy relations between farmers and their elephant neighbours, says a park manager in Ghana.

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Explainer: Plans to end cocoa deforestation face multiple hurdles

Reuters | Apr. 19, 2018 

Faced with the prospect of losing all its forests, Ivory Coast has partnered with chocolate makers to try to halt the spread of cocoa plantations in protected national parks and reserves.

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Environmental groups call for specifics, as Tyson announces feed sustainability program

Feed Navigator | Apr. 17, 2018 

US meat processing giant, Tyson Foods, recently pledged to improve farming practices on two million acres of corn, with the aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and agricultural runoff from grains grown for feed, although the details around the implementation of the pledge are limited.

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Klanten ABP: we zijn woedend, ontdaan en ontgoocheld

One World | Apr. 13, 2018 

Customers of the ABP pension fund reacted furiously to about the involvement of the Netherlands largest pension fund in the clearing of virgin rainforest in Papua for a palm oil plantation.

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Nightmare in New Guinea

ALERT Conservation | Apr. 11, 2018 

A campaign by Mighty Earth, an environmental group, has prompted more than 20 companies to drop POSCO Daewoo as an oil-palm supplier.

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Biofuels may not be as ‘green’ and ‘sustainable’ as you’re led to believe

Circa | Apr. 9, 2018 

Food-based fuels that have been promoted as "green" and "sustainable" alternatives to oil and gas may actually do more harm than good, according to a new environmental investigation by Mighty Earth.

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South Korean company under fire for alleged deforestation in Papua oil palm concession

Eco-Business | Apr. 6, 2018 

A report by WRI shows ongoing deforestation in an oil palm concession in Papua, Indonesia, operated by a subsidiary of South Korea’s POSCO Daewoo. The company previously came under fire for clearing vast swaths of pristine forest in Indonesia’s easternmost Papua province has continued to deforest its oil palm concession in an area of rich biodiversity.

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South Korean company under fire for alleged deforestation in Papua oil palm concession

Mongabay | Apr. 5, 2018 

In June 2017, the environmental NGO Mighty Earth sent out a letter warning palm oil buyers that buying the commodity from POSCO Daewoo would violate their “no deforestation” and Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) commitments.

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Hershey commits £355m to supply chain sustainability | Apr. 5, 2018

Global confectionery company Hershey has committed $500m (£355m) to tackling child labour and links to deforestation in its supply chains, as part of a comprehensive new sustainability strategy.

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L’Europe s’attaque timidement à la déforestation importée

Euractiv | Apr. 3 2018 

Les importations européennes de soja, de cacao ou encore d’huile de palme entretiennent la déforestation dans les pays en développement. En Europe, la lutte contre ces dommages collatéraux est compliquée par les enjeux agricoles.

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Des artisans chocolatiers à la rescousse du cacao

Basta! | Apr. 3, 2018 

Avec le changement climatique, la production de cacao est de plus en plus menacée. De quoi inquiéter la poignée d’industriels du chocolat qui se partagent le marché, au détriment de la durabilité de la filière et des conditions de travail de ses ouvriers.

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Viande : comment des entreprises françaises contribuent à la déforestation en Amérique du Sud

Basta! | Mar. 29 2018 

La déforestation, qui représente 20% des émissions mondiales de gaz à effet de serre, poursuit son cours en Amérique latine.

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Arcus Foundation’s Support of Mighty Earth Has Major Impact on a Destructive Cacao Industry

Philanthropy New York | Mar. 29, 2018 

Mighty Earth targets groups or industries wreaking havoc on the forests, oceans or air, and pushes them to change.

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World’s top cocoa producers fight to protect forests

San Francisco Chronicle | Mar. 29, 2018 

Park rangers in the world's top cocoa producer, Ivory Coast, are waging a campaign to protect national forests from the illegal farming of the raw ingredient in chocolate. Last year the governments of Ivory Coast and other top cocoa producer Ghana, along with food giants Nestle, Mars and Hershey, pledged to work together to end deforestation in the West African nations.

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Meat, Soy Industries Are Guilty of Deforestation, Human Rights Violations in Latin America: Report

Telesur | Mar 28, 2018 

The study released this week pointed to two United States-based agribusinesses as the critical drivers for the extensive destruction.

Chocolate firms still have long way to go to have sustainable policies

Euracitv | Mar. 28, 2018 

Chocolate companies still have “a huge amount of work to do” in implementing truly sustainable policies, with some doing much better than others, the Washington-based NGO Mighty Earth concluded in a consumer guide ranking chocolate producers, published a few days ahead of Easter.

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This is what your burger is doing to South America’s forests

Euro News | Mar. 27, 2018 

In a report, NGO Mighty said the European meat industry is partly at fault for the deforestation because it imports massive quantities of soy to feed livestock. Members of the NGO travelled to soy plantations in Argentina and Paraguay to get an idea of how bad the ravages of the soy monoculture is.

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El alto precio que paga Sudamérica por la carne que comemos en la UE

Euro News | Mar. 27 2018 

Las imágenes que hemos recogido gracias al "Earth Engine" de Google (ver vídeo en el reproductor) no dejan lugar a dudas sobre el grado de deforestación que ha provocado el cultivo de soja en América Latina en los últimos 25 años.

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Vingt entreprises françaises dans le viseur d’une ONG américaine pour leur approvisionnement en soja

France TV Info | Mar. 26 2018 

L'ong américaine interpelle mardi vingt grandes entreprises agroalimentaires françaises pour leur demander de mettre un moratoire sur le soja importé d'Argentine et du Paraguay.

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