Dams cause catastrophic flooding in pristine ecosystems, habitat fragmentation in key biodiversity hotspots, and clear-cutting in native forests. At Mighty Earth we are working with a broad coalition of civil society groups, including scientists and activists, investors and corporations, to halt the construction of two dams that threaten local communities, critical habitats and endangered species. Click on the buttons below to learn about these destructive dams and what we are doing to stop them. 


Mandarin Oriental Hotel: Save the Tapanuli Orangutan

Mighty Earth is joining the Ape Alliance and other allies in a dramatic protest against Jardine Matheson -- owner of the internationally acclaimed, 5-star Mandarin Oriental Hotels to draw attention to the precarious state of the Tapanuli orangutan, an endangered ape threatened by industrial development.

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Bank of China to Reevaluate Dam Project That Threatens Endangered Orangutan with Extinction

The Batang Toru dam would permanently disrupt the habitat of the Tapanuli orangutan and would contribute to the first extinction of a great ape – our closest cousins in the animal kingdom – in all our recorded history.

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Indonesian Coalition Urges Government to Save Tapanuli Orangutan, Protect “Wonderful Indonesia”

The stage is set for a crucial showdown in a long-running battle to save a newly discovered rare species of orangutan from possible extinction at the hands of a planned US$ 1.6 billion hydroelectric dam project.

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