The chocolate industry has for years gotten much of its cocoa from the destruction of national parks and protected areas. Mighty Earth is working to transform the industry, and provide habitat for endangered species like forest elephants and chimpanzees.  In the cocoa heartland of West Africa, We are working to conserve and restore forests. Globally, we work to ensure that any future expansion is responsible so that people can finally enjoy chocolate without worrying about its ecological consequences.


Today’s Big Chocolate Industry Announcement – What It Means

After a bitter past, the chocolate industry is off to a sweet new start when it comes to protecting forests, as it agreed today to end deforestation for cocoa in West Africa.

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Guest Post: Young Conservationist’s Response to Mighty’s Chocolate Investigation

I’m Hannah and I’m 10 years old. I live in Manchester, England. And here is how Mighty Earth inspired me to try and spread the word.

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Six Maps that Explain the Ivory Coast Cocoa Crisis

Mighty partnered with MapHubs to map deforestation linked to Cocoa in the Ivory Coast. Leo Bottrill and Kris Carle, MapHubs’ Founders, explain through six maps how this was possible.

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La destruction de parcs nationaux par l’industrie du chocolat révélée par une enquête

Une nouvelle enquête menée par Mighty Earth et intitulée L’amère déforestation du chocolat, révèle qu’une quantité importante du cacao avec lequel Mars, Nestlé, Hershey, Godiva et d’autres grandes marques fabriquent leur chocolat est cultivée illégalement dans des parcs nationaux et des aires protégées en Côte d’Ivoire et au Ghana.

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Investigation Links Chocolate to Destruction of National Parks

A new investigation by Mighty Earth, “Chocolate’s Dark Secret,” finds that a large amount of the cocoa used in chocolate produced by Mars, Nestle, Hershey’s, Godiva, and other major chocolate companies was grown illegally in national parks and other protected areas in Ivory Coast and Ghana.

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The Chocolate Crisis

Today, the world’s largest chocolate makers met with the Prince of Wales to discuss solutions to the chocolate industry’s biggest problem: the destruction of rainforests to make way for large-scale chocolate production.

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